Tanya Holmes formed ENHANCE HUMANITY UGANDA with the vision and belief that everyone is a genius and that by inspiring and mentoring youth, no matter their circumstances, they can create the life they want.  She has been mentoring youth for over 20 years, instilling a love of learning, encouraging them to work hard, and most importantly, to believe in themselves.  Tanya teaches the principles of Leadership Education and trains the staff in applying these principles.  She helps to ensure that the vision and mission of Enhance Humanity Uganda is paramount in all decision making and guides the team in working with the youth to create learning goals that foster natural curiosity; discover their innate passions and abilities, and help them to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in the real world. She is the mother of nine children and grandmother of three (almost four).  Tanya has spent 8 years living in Uganda with her husband and their youngest five children. She currently spends time between Canada and Uganda.  She remains focused on developing Enhance Humanity Uganda with experience and integrity.


Community Outreach Coordinator

Olivia Nannono is our Community Outreach Coordinator. Trained in leadership education, counseling, and guidance, Olivia walks alongside our youth, encouraging and empowering each one of them. She holds a diploma in law with over tens of years of experience working with youth and families. She strongly believes in the strengthening of families and loves to influence a positive change in the lives of those she meets.  She is currently working on her online degree in Family Development and is able to apply what she is learning every day with our families.  Thanks to Olivia's enthusiasm, drive, and commitment, she is a dynamic member of the team who remains focused on the vision of Enhance Humanity.  



Learning Center Coordinator/Counselor

Meet Richard, who brings many years of experience counselling and mentoring vulnerable youth.  Richard keeps the Learning Center running smoothly, scheduling all our programs,  and working alongside Olivia to counsel and mentor youth on their educational and personal goals.  He oversees our math program and dedicates many hours, not just teaching the 'how' of mathematics, but the 'why'.  We are so grateful for Richards ability to manage all of this as well as find time to share his passion for football and organize practices with the youth.


English Teacher

Frances is our amazing teacher that oversees all our students progress and works with each of them to set their personal educational goals.  Our Learning Center is a unique environment for a teacher - there is no set curriculum, there are no grade levels, some students have done a little schooling, others have never attended school - yet Frances embraces each student with where they are at and lovingly supports and encourages them in their educational journey. Her calm approach and cheerful personality compliment our learning environment and ensures that our kids feel happy and confident as they are learning to read, write, speak English and see daily successes.  We are grateful to have a teacher who has been able to adapt to our particular way of mentoring and strengthens the Enhance Humanity team.



Social Worker

Eunice is one of our Literacy Teachers as well as our Social Worker.  She brings to the team many years of experience working with youth in the community through sports programs and menstrual health programs for teen girls.  She knows how to have fun and makes sure that each morning includes an energizer game that fills the room with laughter.  Her energy and dedication to the youth are shown in her daily interactions as she counsels, supports, and plays games with them.


Youth Mentor

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways to describe this invaluable member of our team. Tony is a wonderful example to our youth of a man who leads out in his community.  He is passionate about working with youth and is able to connect and develop friendships with each of our students.  He is also a graphic and web designer and pursuing his online degree through Brigham Young University.  He chose to join our team as he sees the potential that Enhance Humanity has to transform lives.



Youth Mentor

Roberto joined ENHANCE HUMANITY UGANDA to share his talents and love for young people and mentor those who have few positive role models in their lives.  Roberto encourages each of our youth to work hard and try their best at meeting the challenges they face.  He patiently works with our youth who have never had any schooling, and through his positive personality, is able to encourage and build confidence in the youth he meets.

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