Meet the Youth



Meet David.  At 16yrs. old, David has taken on the responsibility of looking after his younger siblings.  After his parents separation, David was in the care of his father who struggles with alcohol addiction; however, the beatings and abuse from his father became unbearable so David ran away.  He never did well in school in his early years and refuses to go back as the other students call him 'dumb' and shame him in class.  In an effort to try and survive, David found himself moving with local gangs.  After he was caught stealing, David was put in jail, but because he was young, was quickly released.  That experience awakened David to the path he was on and he made a decision to change his direction.  That is when we met David.  He has since joined our Literacy class and is an enthusiastic participant who has slowly come to realize his great worth and potential! Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help David and support our Literacy program.



Solivia, 13yrs. old, is the younger sister to David.  She may be small, but this young lady has a Warrior spirit!  She too, decided that remaining at home and being physically abused by her father was too much to endure.  She ran away, surviving through the mercy of different neighbors.  From a young age, she has been working around the village helping women with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and caring for their children.  Through her efforts, she has been able to help her brothers; yet every day remains a struggle to find food and a safe place to sleep. Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you.  In order to help Solivia, we are looking to open a 'Youth Safe House' where kids like Solivia can come to stay while we work with their parents/caregivers to secure a stable home situation.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or to help Solivia!



Kintu is 14yrs. old and there is nothing that is going to stop this young man!  He is so eager to learn and improve his life, that he has endured many disruptions to ensure he can be in the area to continue in our program. His mother remarried and lives in another city - and as is often the case in Uganda, when a man marries a woman, he rarely takes on her children from a previous marriage.  Which left Kintu with nowhere to go until his sister allowed him to stay with her.  However, her husband does not want Kintu in the small one-room mud hut, so he has chased Kintu away several times.  Kintu was sent away to live in the village with relatives, but he decided to walk back (many miles) to his sisters and plead one more time if he could stay there so he could continue with our program.  This young man refuses to quit and never misses classes.  We continue to work with his family members to find a permanent solution for Kintu.  An easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at ENHANCE HUMANITY UGANDA is to donate today to help Kintu reach his goals! Get in touch with any questions about how you can help support our Leadership classes and Donate.



Villian is 12 yrs old and recently joined our program, bringing his fun personality to our group.  His mother died when he was a young boy and his father is in prison for 35 years.  As a result of the loss of his parents in his life, Vilian has been living on the mercy of people in the slums.  A relative found a small mud hut which she rented for him and his brother and a few other homeless boys.  These boys are completely on their own for food, clothes - any of their basic needs.  He spends his days trying to find small pieces of metal to sell for daily provisions, if he’s lucky!  Villian’s situation is dire as he has no adult in his life to not only help with his basic needs, but also someone to look after them and their welfare.  Recently he was accused of stealing a neighbour’s phone - immediately people pointed fingers at him and the other boys simply because they are alone and are considered ‘thieves’.  The phone was found but not after Villian and his friend were accused, dragged into a mob, beaten and then had fuel dripped on them with the threat that they would light them on fire if they didn’t confess to stealing.  We became aware of this situation and have now stepped in as advocates for Villian - these situations are common occurrences for these young people who have no place to call home.  Villian has never had the chance to attend school so we are excited to watch him grow, not only in his Literacy class but also within our Leadership training, providing this young man with principles and values to govern his life. Want to help Villian?  Contact us to see how you can sponsor him and ensure he can continue within our program.


Denis and Jacob

These two brothers (16 & 14yrs) are remarkable young men.  Together they live in a small shack, lined with cardboard to try to keep the rain, wind and sun out.  Their father, a fisherman, struggles with alcoholism and is unable to care for his boys.  He chased them out of his shack and told them they could look after themselves.  Denis and Jacob have inconsistently been able to attend school due to their father unable to pay school fees.  When they were young, they went to school for a few years but have never been back.  These brothers work together to try and make money selling metal scraps to pay for their rent and food each month.  Both are very eager to improve their lives yet it is a huge sacrifice to come to the Center three mornings a week as it takes time away from trying to scrounge through the dump to find metal scraps to sell and make food money for the day. Jacob is very athletic and talented at playing soccer;  but leisure time to play is a luxury for him as daily survival is ongoing.  Despite the challenges Jacob faces, he faithfully comes three times a week and is very focused on learning to read - he arrived as a young man who was scared to even look up at us, didn’t speak in class or answer any questions - now he has already emerged as a leader within the group, setting a great example for the others to follow.  As the eldest, Denis shoulders the constant burden of survival.  He is working so hard to improve his English and improve his reading and writing.  The pull from the slums to join a gang or fall into a path of stealing is constant and we admire Denis’ strength to stay focused on making positive changes in his life.  Contact us to see how you can help Denis and Jacob.



This young man has the best smile and even though his life has been checkered with trauma, he still keeps on smiling!  Apollo (13yrs.) lives with his grandparents and extended family.  His father and step-mom moved from the area and Apollo refused to go with them because of the physical abuse he experienced.  He struggles in his current location due to mistreatment - this is common when you are someone else’s child; you are the last to receive anything which means school has not been consistent in his life.  Apollo turned to gangs to find a sense of belonging and to also try to survive.  This led to some bad choices which Apollo soon recognized would lead him to prison.  Apollo ran away from his extended family and was living on the mercy of a neighbour; however, this neighbour accused him of stealing money.  We found Apollo tied up and hanging from some rafters, being beaten until he confessed he stole the money.  After rescuing him from this situation, we later received a phone call that the money had been found in the house!  We have been working to reunite Apollo with his grandparents so he has some stability in his home life. Since joining our Literacy class, this young man feels hope restored and is smiling again knowing that someone is looking out for him.