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Denis is 16 years old, and lives with his younger brother Jacob in their hometown of Masese, Uganda. He, like his brother, has been attending classes at Enhance Humanity Uganda for the past two years. Since coming to EHU, his life has changed, and he has hope for his future for the first time in his life. 


Prior to coming to EHU, Denis used to steal scraps of metal to sell to support himself and his younger brother. At the time, he thought that their lives would never change. He’s been in the leadership class for a while now, and his perspective about his own future and abilities has changed. He knows he can follow his dreams and has begun to lead by example in the group, setting a great example for others.


Denis is involved in literacy and mathematics classes at EHU, and is working incredibly hard to improve his reading and writing. As the eldest, Denis is the brother constantly shouldering the burden of navigating their survival. His ability to read and write will allow him to one day get a job so that he can live the life he wants. 


His greatest strengths are his persistence, the way he never gives up no matter what the circumstances, and that he continues to be caring to his brother and those around him. Denis is also a talented tailor and boxer, and enjoys exercising. Being able to be active, creative and in a safe environment helps him decompress from the stress of having to support himself and his brother. One day, he hopes to become a fashion designer or be a professional boxer.

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