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Emmanuel is a 13 year old from Masese, and lives in a shared room with other children near the Enhance Humanity center. He used to survive and get money for rent by scavenging for metal scraps to sell. For two years he’s been attending EHU, learning literacy and mathematics. Prior to attending EHU he wasn’t given an education or an opportunity to have dreams. 


Lately, Emmanuel has been committed to learning everything about computers. EHU has a computer which he learns on whenever he has free time from his studies. He’s been practicing dance and tailoring as well. He is an amazing dancer, and someday wants to make a career out of designing clothing. He also says he wants to be a computer wizard. We think he can do it. 


The EHU leadership class has helped him discover that he’s in control of his future, and has clear hopes now for his future, which he feels empowered to make them a reality. Emmanuel’s teachers have witnessed him set his sights on goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. He’s also extremely caring, and is a positive mentor for the younger children in his community. He considers his creativity and big heart to be his greatest strengths. 

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