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Bakali is 13 years old, and is currently living with his grandmother in the Masese district of Jinja. He has been a part of Enhance Humanity Uganda for two years, and has taken part in many of the classes offered there. He loves to play football, and hopes one day to be a professional footballer. The staff agrees he’s an incredibly talented footballer, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Bakali went pro one day! 


He says his favorite classes at the moment are computer skills and leadership class, but he’s been continuously enrolled in mathematics, literacy and dance classes as well. Bakali says his greatest strengths are his ability to manage his money well, and to do whatever he sets his mind to, even when things are hard. Understanding how to manage money is incredibly important to survival, as costs for basic necessities are high in Uganda while the income is so little. 


He’s been putting in work recently to improve his English, which he hopes will open up opportunities for him in the future. He understands the value in literacy, and knows the skills he’s learning now will one day help him to be self-sufficient. This kid is goal oriented, and will stop at nothing to make his dreams come true. 

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