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Kintu is a 15 year old from Busakira Village in Mayuge District, Uganda. His dream is to be a famous musician and pianist one day. When asked what words best describe him, Kintu said he considers himself to be “courageous, creative, and kind,” and we agree. His dream is to be a famous musician and pianist one day.

Since starting classes at Enhance Humanity Uganda, the staff have recognized that Kintu is a fast learner, and has a natural aptitude for music and sports. Kintu loves music, and has dedicated much of his free time while at EHU to studying piano, and practicing his dance moves. Kintu is also involved in nearly every program at Enhance. He takes literacy and mathematics classes, and also participates in music, dance and agriculture classes at the center. 


Through the guidance of leadership class at EHU, Kintu has been able to build confidence, discover his purpose, and begin working towards achieving his goals. Kintu is extremely interested in continuing his education, and has been very focused on his studies leading up to his final exams. After he passes the primary education exams, he’ll be able to join high school. 


When Kintu’s mother remarried a few years ago, he was no longer welcome in the home of her new husband and was forced to relocate. He came to Jinja hoping to live with his sister, and stayed as long as he was able to. Kintu came to Enhance Humanity Uganda years ago seeking guidance and support when he no longer had family to depend on to help him survive. He’s been living in EHU emergency housing since. 


Kintu Playing the piano at ehu

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