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Jacob is a 14 year old from the Masese district of Jinja, Uganda. He’s been highly involved in numerous classes at Enhance Humanity Uganda for the past two years. Currently he’s taking literacy and mathematics classes, and many extracurriculars. He just won his first recreational boxing match.


Jacob says that his greatest strengths are his persistence, honesty and courage, and that he’s a great team player. When he grows up he wants to be a professional boxer and fashion designer.


Jacob lives in Masese where he rents a small room. He lives there with his brother, Denis, and friends, who are also children. Jacob and Denis were chased out of their father’s home, after years of them being neglected due to his alcoholism. With no family to help them, they were forced to provide for themselves and have looked after each other since. EHU is helping to cover the cost of their rent, so that Jacob is able to focus on his studies and being a kid, and worry less about finding food and shelter. 


In addition to academics, he is involved in the leadership and agriculture courses at EHU, which provide him with tools that help him survive. He learns how to tend to crops and harvest food in agriculture class, and the students can eat the food that they grow. Jacob certainly shares with his brother and friends. In leadership class, he has been working hard to build up his confidence, and believe in himself. Jacob is the type of child who is always looking out for others, and is a great team player. 

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