Here at Enhance Humanity Uganda, we are committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since our founding in 2020, we have been supporting our community members in a variety of ways, and are determined to make an impact. 

Our Learning Center is situated in Jinja, Uganda where youth are welcomed each day to receive daily lessons, character building, skills training and most importantly, love and support from our amazing mentors. Our mentors show up each day with renewed commitment to ensure these youth have a chance to make it in this world. Built on our three pillars - Believe, Discover, Lead - we inspire youth to recognize their unique selves, build their own educational path, and prepare them to be contributing, outstanding citizens. 

We offer a variety of academic and extracurricular courses to youth in the area surrounding our community center, located in Jinja, Uganda. We provide meals, classes and family support programs at no cost to the students.

Core values


In order to have hope for a better life, you must first believe it's possible. At EHU, we work from the heart, reminding our kids of their infinite worth and value, and that they have a great purpose in life. Our daily character and leadership training classes inspire our young learners to face their challenges and put in the hard work to transform their future.

Through love, support and encouragement, we see kids gradually overcome their negative and paralyzing assumptions they have about their own abilities, and slowly emerge as confident young leaders. 


At EHU, we strive to present many diverse opportunities so that our kids can discover their natural talents and abilities. Rather than trying to fit each youth into a set program, we create a program that meets their personal goals and provides support and encouragement to ensure their success.

We believe that each one of us is unique, and that a part of our learning journey should be discovering our individuality and celebrating our differences.  

Since all of our students rarely have the opportunity to venture more than 5 kilometers from where they live, we provide them with a wide variety of training sessions in vocational and life skills such as sports, dance, drama, public speaking and more. Through these different activities, we discover where they excel, encourage them to pursue what they love, and find mentors that can help them achieve their personal goals.


Our diverse group of students are working together to ensure they have a brighter future.  Through their commitment to improve their own lives, they have an impact on their communities, and become young leaders who spread hope in the lives of others.  

They not only encourage each other to exemplify good character, but also set the example for other kids to follow.  Within their communities, people notice the change that happens to the kids attending EHU and recognize the leaders they have become.  Once kids believe in themselves, they lead - and by their efforts, they not only change themselves, but also the people around them. 

Educational Programs



Literacy classes are available to students of all skill levels. 


Math classes are offered to help students learn how to

budget, and more.


EHU's Leadership class helps youth self identify and discover their personal goals.

Meet The Team

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Tanya Holmes



Nannono Olivia

Managing Director and Community Outreach Coordinator


Akello Frances

Lusiba Richard

Bwambale Shafic


Dance Teacher and Tailoring Teacher

Finance Officer and Peer Educator

Literacy Teacher

Tanya Holmes

Tanya founded Enhance Humanity Uganda with the vision and belief that everyone is a genius and that by inspiring and mentoring youth, no matter their circumstances, they can create the life they want. She has been mentoring youth for over 20 years, instilling a love of learning, encouraging them to work hard, and most importantly, to believe in themselves.


Tanya teaches the principles of Leadership Education and trains the staff in applying these principles. She is the mother of nine children and grandmother of four. Tanya has spent 8 years living in Uganda with her husband and their youngest five children.She currently spends time between Canada and Uganda. She remains focused on developing EHU with experience and integrity.

Nannono Olivia

Olivia’s youth leadership class helps students realize their potential, develop strong personal values, and build confidence. She teaches them how to work with and accept others by instilling in them the importance of community and teamwork. Due to varying circumstances in each student’s life, many of them have lost hope, and through her leadership class and personal counseling she aims to restore it.


Olivia also works directly with the communities surrounding the EHU center in Jinja, Uganda to locate youth who could benefit from the services and classes offered at EHU. She provides family counseling, guidance, and also helps to reunite the families of many of the youth who attend Enhance Humanity Uganda. Olivia says what is most important to her is that each student at EHU knows “the feeling of being loved, accepted, and knows that their life has purpose.”

Akello Frances

Frances’ literacy classes help students build strong communication skills, which are a key aspect in everyday life. In Uganda, it is very difficult to get a good job without completing high school, or equivalent exams. These literacy classes help youth who aren’t able to attend school achieve their goals by empowering them with knowledge.


Frances says her literacy classes are valuable to disenfranchised youth in Uganda, “Because it helps them believe in themselves and their abilities, no matter what other people think of them.” Frances is highly adaptable, teaching students at various levels at the same time. 

Many times the students who attend Enhance Humanity Uganda experience difficulties at home. They are not able to be supported by their families, are often abused, or made to feel like their life has no value. Frances hopes more than anything that her students gain self esteem and confidence from what they learn in her classroom. 

Lusiba Richard

At Enhance Humanity Uganda, Richard teaches mathematics classes to the youth who attend, as well as performs the duties of a career guidance counselor. It is important that each student who goes to classes at EHU has an understanding of “how to solve their financial problems,” so that they can support themselves and survive on their own.


This is an extremely valuable skill, as many of these youth don’t have dependable adults supporting them, or helping to provide basic necessities. Richard teaches his students mathematics so they can successfully manage their money and start businesses that will last. As a counselor, mentor and teacher Richard strives to build up each students’ self esteem, so that they leave EHU knowing that

“they matter a lot in this life.” 

Bwambale Shafic

Shafic’s classes at EHU are incredibly valuable to the students, even though they aren’t necessarily academic based classes. Shafic knows that some students may struggle academically, especially if they’re getting a late start, or have never been to school before. For those students who aren’t exceptional with books, the dance and tailoring classes he teaches give them “a second chance in life,” to learn a skill they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn.


Having trade and artistic skills in addition to academic knowledge is important in order to become self-reliant, well rounded, contributing members of their communities. Shafic wants his classes to be a place where students can heal from their trauma, and discover skills that can help them realize their worth. Above all else, Shafic says he wants every student who graduates from EHU to leave with “knowledge, resiliency, hope and a sense of belonging.”