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Welcome to EHU

Since 2020, we have been working tirelessly to bring hope and create a promising future for disenfranchised teens living in Uganda. Those in our program have had little to no access to education, and find themselves in their teen years, still trying to learn basic skills. We are committed to helping as many kids as possible by providing them with opportunities to learn basic literacy and math, proficiency in English, as well as character and leadership classes. The core of our efforts is to find youth in some of the most impoverished areas, who have little or no family support, and bring education and empowerment into their lives.

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In order to have hope for a better life, you must first believe it's possible.

At EHU, we work from the heart, reminding our kids of their infinite worth and value, and that they have a great purpose in life. 

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At EHU, we strive to present many diverse opportunities so that our kids can DISCOVER their natural talents and abilities. Rather than trying to fit each youth into a set program, we create a program that meets their personal goals and provides support and encouragement to ensure their success. 

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Our diverse group of students are working together to ensure they have a brighter future.  Through their commitment to improve their own lives, they have an impact on their communities, and become young leaders who spread hope

in the lives of others.

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